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PuzzleArt PathWays to Brain Fitness by Long Island artist Alli Berman is an interactive art installation in the Tilles Center Atrium and offers creative activities which help develop and improve cognitive function for all ages and abilities.


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Tilles Center for the Performing Arts presents a “first” for Long Island:
an interactive public brain fitness art installation
“PuzzleArt PathWays – The Next Step to Brain Fitness”

by Long Island artist Alli Berman.

Art Opening:

Meet the Artist event and interactive brain fitness activities
(cognitive calisthenics) for all ages and abilities.

Attendees will get Free access to Berman’s online brain fitness workout.
Optional 3D glasses will be provided.


Sunday, December 2nd at 3:30pm-5:30pm
for opening, meet the artist, cognitive calisthenics and refreshments.


Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at C.W. Post in the Atrium,
720 Northern Blvd, Greenvale, NY


Interactive installation artist Alli Berman


Learn about the artist’s ideas and techniques in this afternoon
of art, community and connection to cutting-edge installation art.

“PuzzleArt Pathways to Brain Fitness”, is an enlarged, free flowing
suspended interpretation of Berman’s hands-on therapeutic art.
She created her installation art for public use and enjoyment,
and also for use as an interactive component to her PuzzleArt Therapy System.

Twenty+ years ago, Berman suffered a CVA (stroke),
which fueled her interest in the brain, art as therapy, and the power of art to heal.

Berman worked with behavioral optometrist Dr. Susan Fisher,
and consulted with neuroscientists, TBI and PTSD specialists,
and other therapists to create the first vision and cognitive therapy system
to use fine art at its core. Health professionals in 16 countries
use Berman’s concepts, products, and system to help people of all ages and abilities
develop and improve cognitive function, oculomotor skills, and perceptual learning ability.
Many people can work on 20 different skills to help improve memory, focus,
letter and word recognition, concentration for sports, creativity, perceptual learning,
binocular and oculomotor skills and more for success in school, business, and life.

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Contact PuzzleArt therapist, interactive artist Alli Berman for brain fitness art, and fine art info
516.695.3110    email:    

Contact behavioral optometrist, Dr. Susan Fisher for medical, scientific and therapeutic info
516.783.6460    email:  

Contact Tilles Center marketing, Director, Susanna Stickley for Tilles Center and Installation info
516.299.2752    email:  

Alli Berman. installation. interactive. therapeutic. public. corporate. hospitality. and residential art

PuzzleArt is exhibiting at the Tilles Center at C.W. Post: 720 Northern Boulevard  Greenvale, NY 11548

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