About Alli Berman

Alli Berman creates art that is visually appealing and visually healing.

Berman creates intentional environments to enhance a continuous process of deliberate deconstruction and intentional reconstruction in a public space using her abstract interactive art. Her process encourages participants to explore and expand the dynamic boundaries of each public space and create a bridge to encourage communication and community between strangers.

Berman’s focus has been to create a responsive perceptual and visual experience that creates a comfort zone, encouraging strangers to connect to art and each other in stimulating, safe surroundings.

“I feel passionate about taking the singular museum going experience and changing it into a collective endeavor.”

Berman creates art in four different formats:
Viewable - art you feel with your eyes;
Touchable - art you see with your fingers;
Movable - art puzzles you arrange with your hands; and
Painting Portraits – her original work through a macro photography lens.

Her art empowers people as they view it, touch it, or move it. All her work comes in a range of sizes from miniature (3” x 3”) abstract “dreamer” paintings, to entire room interactive PuzzleArt installations on walls, floors and suspended from above.

Berman paints her 3D interactive art, then uses macro photography to capture her autobiographical statement of each painting and retools them digitally. These works are Painting Portraits – an intimate view of the surface of Berman’s original work.

The topographical surfaces in her original interactive work and those captured in her intimate painting portraits engage the viewer. Her colorful 3D formations seem to float on a fossilized sea of grays in her Painting Portraits.

“I began my interactive and modular art to find connections. It started as exercise to help me find personal answers and grew into an interactive artform that has traveled the globe these past 20+ years. People, ages 1 to 103, have participated in many arts, educational and therapeutic programs. They’ve connected to abstract art, each other, and to me!”

Bermanʼs brightly colored, heavily textured, and richly layered acrylics have a transparent watercolor quality. Her work is a fusion of Indonesian batik and stain-glass sanctuary windows. It is a celebration of life in spite of all obstacles.

Alli Bermanʼs work has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. She has shown and shared her work with thousands of people in dozens of countries. Her art is in private and corporate collections around the world.

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